What we do

Helping businesses face up to and fill an environmental 'disclosure gap'

Topolytics was born out of the need to help both the professional and non-expert user collect and manage environmental data precisely and efficiently, so that companies can take greater control over their environmental footprint.

Turn complex and varied data into useful information

Topolytics turns varied corporate, public and citizen data into meaningful information for third parties such as management teams, regulators, customers and communities. If required, reports can be independently verified.

Discover things about waste, emissions and resource use

Our customers discover things about waste, emissions and resource use that help them reduce risks, lower costs and enhance competitive advantage. Where necessary, we can also help make connections to specialist expertise and technology solutions.

Why we do it

Waste and emissions can be complex, changeable, sometimes hazardous and generate a small or big volume and velocity of data. The data may be manual or from fixed, mobile or airborne sensors.

Measuring and describing environmental risk and performance can be a major challenge for organizations – large and small. We help our customers measure and engage cost effectively, discovering useful things that they should know and on which they should act.

Environmental processes are increasingly of interest to management teams, customers, regulators, investors, insurers or communities. They have different requirements, but fundamentally want to understand the environmental cost to them of your activities.

How we do it

We provide corporate customers with a powerful but intuitive means of managing data and reporting, in real time and over time, to customers and other stakeholders. Our software is easy to set up, with tailor-made dashboards to suit each user and the data being collected.

We put the data into a spatial and narrative context, building a rich picture which gives genuine insight into the management of energy, waste and emissions. The more data you collect, the more complete the picture, so we have built our product to work with a variety of standard and non standard sources.

For more information on how we could help your business, contact us at info@topolytics.com.


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