Analytics, reporting and assurance of waste data

Identify cost efficiencies, environmental risks and the value of waste.

Enable recycling, re-use and re-manufacture

Identify and predict feedstock and enable transactions.

Track waste in real time

Monitor and track waste with sensor systems


Our data platform

Topolytics is a meta-database of industrial and commercial waste.

We use mapping, sensors and analytics to generate a high quality database of the generation, movement and fate of multiple waste materials.

Waste management, recycling and energy from waste companies use Topolytics’ data to optimise capacity investments and sales campaigns.


Industrial and commercial waste producers use Topolytics to maximise opportunities to realise the value in waste material.


Our Team

Mike Groves

Founder and CEO

Mike is a geographer with a PhD in aerial photo interpretation and 25 years environmental management and sustainability reporting experience.  He worked in environmental consultancy and pioneered sustainable forest auditing in South-East Asia before co-founding Great Circle, a sustainability communications and reporting business, bought by Instinctif/Vitruvian Partners in 2011. He founded Topolytics with a vision to use mapping and machine learning to vastly improve the way companies manage and reduce their waste and emissions.

Ben Emson


Ben was former lead technologist at O2’s “the Lab” innovation department, and Co-developed ‘WhereonEarth’ mapping platform (later bought by Yahoo). With the help of external resource, Ben executes the product build and development of new modules where required.