Case Studies.

Topolytics Waste
RBS Gogarburn

Topolytics worked with Royal Band of Scotland to identify key environmental ‘impacts’ at Gogarburn, its global HQ.

The data covered waste, water, effluent, transport, energy and habitat – ranging from daily, weekly, monthly measures.

Topolytics tracked solid waste from the site and showed the ‘journey’ taken by this material in the hands of a sizeable waste management company. The resulting map showed a complex picture of waste movement, sorting and consolidation, followed by sale to different end users. The range of wastes included paper, card, plastics, food, metals and packaging.

Topolytics Air

Topolytics created a consortium from local and central government, industry and academia to pilot innovative, real-time sensing of gas emissions at the Grangemouth petrochemical plant.  The plant is strategically important to the UK and local economy and is sited on the edge of Falkirk, a large town in central Scotland.

The  pilot was the first step towards the creation of an environmental ‘shield’ across the industrial and residential area.  This will consist of thousands of sensors measuring air quality, water quality, flood risk, waste and other metrics.  The key being to use technology to reduce environmental risk and enhance the investment potential of the industrial and residential zones.

As part of the project, we worked with St Andrews University to apply statistical modelling to sensor data in order to provide a level of quality control.  Topolytics is now an industrial partner in an EPSRC ‘Science of Sensor Systems Software’ programme.