Topolytics is a data analytics business that is making the world’s waste Visible, Verifiable and Valuable

Our platform WasteMap helps waste producers, the waste and recycling industry, investors and regulators to gain key insights into material types, amounts, concentrations, fates and their movements through the waste system.

By ingesting, aggregating and analysing data at scale, the resulting live insights generate commercial and environmental value for all players in the waste materials and by-products supply chain.

Follow the money

Your waste is a valuable resource with a market value.  If you want to know how much your waste is worth, try our easy to use dashboard.


Winner Circular Economy 2030 Challenge, 2019

Smart Waste Tracking challenge, 2018

CleanTech Mission San Francisco 2017
RushLight Category Winner
Pitch at the Palace Winner 2016
TEDX 2017
CleanTech StartUp : TechRepublic 2015

Digital Globe & ESA Earth Observation Challenge winner 2018

Ellen MacArthur Foundation CE100