Topolytics has been selected as an Emerging Innovator in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation CE100, a group of organisations leading the way globally on circular economy.

The CE100 was established to enable organisations to develop new practices within a circular economy, the programme brings together members from across the economy to provide unique opportunities for multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Topolytics joins with other Emerging Innovators Black Bear Carbon, CustoMem, Grover, Kabadiwalla Connect, and Worn Again to mix with corporates, governments and cities, academic institutions and affiliates in the programme. Topolytics is considered an innovative businesses with a globally unique capability or process that brings innovative perspectives to help accelerate circular progress.  As an Emerging Innovator, Topolytics will join the global CE100 network at Acceleration Workshops, the Annual Summit and other collaborative events to offer insights and new ideas, as well as gain the opportunity to develop its business, learn about the circular economy and scale its ambitions.