Topolytics Net Zero Action Plan

Topolytics is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. As such, the company is proud to be a member of the Tech Zero coalition and part of the UNFCCC Race to Zero campaign.  

The company is committed to achieving Net Zero. This also recognises our role in supporting clients on their Net Zero journeys by enabling them to visualise, validate and verify waste data.  This underpins higher quality ESG metrics and reporting, cost and resource efficiencies and measurement of carbon impact.

In 2021, Topolytics carried out its first carbon footprint assessment.  This referenced the UK government SECR guidelines on reporting carbon emissions, as well as the GHG Protocol. We have calculated on our scope 1, scope 2 and to some extent1 our scope 3 impacts for 2020-21.

Baseline Year: 2020-21

Scope 112.5 t CO2e
Scope 20.7 t CO2e (office electricity)
Scope 35.8  t CO2e (home working);
1.6 t CO2e (commuting);
0.4 t CO2e (business travel);  
0.8 t CO2e (cloud computing)

Total reported emissions for 2020-21: 21.8 t CO2e
Emissions per capita: 3.0 t CO2e

Emissions reduction targets

In order to drive and track progress towards achieving Net Zero, the business has adopted the following targets. We commit to:

  • Halving total reported carbon emissions by 2030.
  • Achieving Net Zero by 2045.

Further, the business commits to:

  • Continuing to improve carbon reporting, with the intention to incorporate further Scope 3 categories (waste, purchased goods and services, capital goods) from the 2021-22 reporting year2.
  • Setting appropriate, science-based targets to drive the net zero commitment forward.
  • Reporting annually on progress towards achieving these targets.

Responsibility for driving and reporting against this Net Zero Action Plan lies with Michael Groves (CEO and Founder) of Topolytics.

For more information:

1 Our 2020-21 Scope 3 emissions calculation included: home-working heat, home-working devices and light, commuting, business travel and cloud computing.
2 Whilst this step is important to more fully understanding our impact and ultimately to setting and achieving stronger and more detailed targets, we recognise that this will require us to recalculate our baseline.

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