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Regulation and oversight of the waste sector

While regulation and levels of oversight on the waste sector vary globally, there is growing evidence that governments are seeking to drive greater resource efficiency, enable circular economies and reduce the significant amounts of material leaking out of the system, damaging the environment and reducing tax revenues.  

This enhanced scrutiny is falling across waste producers, product and packaging manufacturers and the waste and resources industry. 

The waste management and recycling industry globally encompasses large listed companies through many small carriers/hauliers to informal waste picker communities. 

Maintaining an efficient and effective system of oversight is crucial to ensure that responsible operators are not undermined by criminal operations. 

Government policies on the promotion of resource efficiency and circular economy are wide ranging from extended producer responsibility, deposit return schemes and requirements for recycled content. 

All such policy interventions require high quality, timely data on materials, their concentrations and quality.


We help governments and regulators to

Improve visibility of the waste system

Increase confidence in waste transaction data

Support smart regulation and open data agendas

Inform policy making

Generate ‘state of the environment’ reports

Reduce waste crime

WasteMap® in action


UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs


Create a prototype mandatory digital reporting system for all waste movements in the UK


Build a data driven waste tracking system around WasteMap®

Waste Data Account – enables easy uploading of waste movement data

WasteMap® – ingests, cleans, processes and reconciles data from all waste companies and the UK environmental regulators.  Accommodate different data formats – spreadsheets, databases, APIs, sensors etc

Agency Manager – dashboard for each UK regulator (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland).  Shows alerts/notifications, details on every waste movement, sites and reports.

Demonstrated the need to accommodate sensor and smart label data through a collaboration with PragmatIC – manufacturing and deploying low cost, printable RFID labels for tracking waste tyres.

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