WasteMap® for Brokers and Recyclers

At the frontier of efforts to use global resources effectively and efficiently

Like all industries, the waste and resources sector is subject ‘Industry 4.0’ innovations in materials, robotics, sensors, vehicles, software and analytics.

It also has its own unique market pressures around the capture and recovery of materials such as plastics and electronics and the rise of circular economy and extended producer responsibility policies.

The industry is at the frontier of efforts to use global resources more effectively and efficiently. It can continue to play a big part in enabling the circular economy – even as waste is increasingly designed out of products and packaging.

There will always be materials and goods that need to be handled, processed and recovered by third parties so that they are maintained or returned into production systems.

A data driven approach is the best way to make sure this happens.

The waste and by-products supply chain is complex and ever moving.

Data generation and management varies enormously across the sector – from live asset and vehicle tracking to back end databases and spreadsheets. 

Managing data from multiple parties in the supply chain and ensuring its quality is resource intensive.

With this systemic importance comes a much greater pressure to respond to customer demands on materials handling and recovery, to be more transparent, continue to be cost efficient and respond to regulatory changes. 

The sector needs a better view of the materials system and to create operating models that are profitable and responsive a changing market environment.


We help waste brokers, recyclers and processors to

Identify and access high quality ‘feedstock’

Improve sales targeting

Optimise materials movements

Optimise investments in new processing capacity

Generate management reports

Improve customer engagement

WasteMap® in action


Leading UK waste broker and recycler


This leading waste broker and recycler operates UK-wide. In such a complex operation, access to high quality and timely data is crucial to drive operational efficiencies, control costs, enhance reporting and strengthen compliance.

Topolytics worked with the company to understand its data ecosystem – including its own enterprise systems and data from a network of sub-contractors, working across many thousands of their customer’s sites. 

We then normalised and ingested the data into WasteMap, generating metrics and insights on corporate, customer and sub-contractor performance.


Our customer feedback process highlighted the key benefits of WasteMap® , including:

Centralising and qualifying data from different sources and systems (internal and external) – creating a single access point.

Reconcile enterprise and sub-contractor data.

Validation of waste movement data.

Measures of waste mileage and carbon – supporting Scope 3 emissions foot-printing and the corporate NetZero strategy.

Dramatically reducing the time to generate rich, interactive reports on materials and recycling performance for customers – across their enterprise or individual sites.

Strengthen compliance through accurate and timely measurement of material types, amounts and movements.

Add to the company’s customer proposition for bids and tenders.

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